Board of Directors

Tim Pendly, Chairman, County Commissioner, McIntosh County
Tim Kelley, Vice-Chairman, County Commissioner, Wagoner County
Jim Rogers, Secretary, County Commissioner, Sequoyah County
George Truitt, Treasurer, Cities/Towns-Cherokee
Danny Braden, Executive Committee, County Commissioner, Okmulgee County
Dexter Payne, Executive Committee, County Commissioner, Muskogee County
Robert Jennings, Executive Committee, Banking
Leon Anderson, Executive Committee, Minorities
Cheryl Taylor, Executive Committee, Tribal Government
Gary Nelson, Board, City/Towns-Adair
Ronnie Trentham, Board, City of Stilwell
Bobby Botts, Board, County Commissioner, Cherokee County
Jason Nichols, Board, City of Tahlequah
Lonnie Cato, Board, Cities/Towns-McIntosh
Frank Davis, Board, City of Eufala
Theda Rowan, Board, Cities/Towns-Muskgoee
Vacant, City of Muskogee
Vacant, Cities/Towns-Okmulgee
Vacant, City of Okmulgee
Bill Goodner, Board, City of Henryetta
Monty Lenington, Board, Cities/Towns-Sequoyah
Julie Ferguson, Board, City of Sallisaw
Shirley Herring, Board, Cities/Towns-Wagoner
James Jennings, Board, City of Wagoner
Michael Pate, Board, Tourism-Cherokee
Steve O’Neal, Board, Business-Sequoyah
Diane Kelley, Board, Cherokee Nation